Recently I took another step on my writers journey and entered my YA MS in Pitch Wars. For those who aren’t familiar with the concept (as I wasn’t ), this is where around 100 writer mentors are assembled (by the lovely Brenda Drake) and un-represented writers can submit their manuscript for review and the chance to work one on one with a mentor to get it ‘agent ready’. Once the mentors have selected their mentee, everyone enters a furious two months of revisions to finish their MS’s in time for the agent round. This is my first Pitch Wars and we are currently in limbo. The submission window is closed and I (along with many others, judging by Twitter) are now obsessively checking Mentor Tweets for any hint of which MS they might pick. It’s amazing how even the most sensible and level headed can be reduced to a paranoid mess by 140 characters!

Anyway, what I did want to highlight is the incredible people I have already met through the process. The whole community is so supportive and when you have those down days (as we all do) they are there to pick you up and encourage you to keep going. Finally, I feel like I have found my people, the people who understand what it feels like to pour your heart and soul into something and send it out only to have it rejected. Yes of course you need to develop a thick skin, but I doubt I would find any writer that would say rejection doesn’t hurt. So this is a big shout out and thank you to my incredible #menteemates – I wish everyone the very best of luck and I feel privileged to be sat amongst such a talented group of people. Roll on Sept 2nd!