It’s always difficult to try and find the time to write blog posts at the moment, life seems to be so full and we appear to be rushing headfirst towards Christmas faster that I can say the words ‘stocking filler’. The weather isn’t helping either, for those fellow Brits it is my theory we don’t actually have seasons any more, merely months where we *might* have marginally less rain. Trying to focus on the silver lining though, autumn / winter means I can revert back to my big comfy knits, fur lined boots and general cosiness with a good book or two – this is actually my idea of heaven.

So, what have I been doing with my time (aside from working)? Well firstly I have been reading The Watchers by Neil Spring. I was fortunate enough to have been given an advanced proof copy of this book and I am pleased to say that it is even better than his first offering, The Ghost Hunters. Incidentally, if you read and enjoyed the Ghost Hunters it is now being turned into a film starring Rafe Spall as Harry Price for ITV. However, back to The Watchers, once my daughter finally allows me to finish the book I will write a full review, however this story concentrates on some strange happenings which take place in an area nicknamed ‘The Broad Haven Triangle’. The story is inspired by real events in British history, and Neil is extremely adept at creating a plot which makes you forget you are reading fiction. I keep finding myself so immersed in the story that I am wondering whether any of the theories could, in fact, be true. I haven’t reached the end yet, so there is bound to be a twist or two but I cannot wait to see how the story unfolds.

On another note, big thank you to Michelle Hauck and Sharon Chriscoe for running a fabulous picture book twitter event yesterday. The submission window is now closed, but the Twitter party will continue over the next week so make sure you check out #PBParty for all the action. Those entries chosen will then progress to the agent round which begins on the 23rd September. Good luck to all those that have entered, PB’s can often be a forgotten category so its good that these guys have stepped up to provide authors with such a fabulous opportunity to get their work seen by industry professionals.

No further news on my writing for the moment, although I have been privileged enough to be CP for a very talented writer. I look forward to seeing her manuscript on the bookshelves in future!

Right, I am off to indulge in a hot chocolate :0) – laters folks!