I often write poems inspired by my daughter and life as a parent, and in honour of all the lovely people I have met recently through a picture book party on Twitter, I wanted to share just one of them  – obviously all copyright belongs to me … etc etc (It’s sad to think I need to worry about other writers stealing my work!). Thank you to all the lovely people that I have met and who have provided encouragement – you are all ace! (especially @VivWrites !)

It’s not time for bed yet!

Evie was yawning,

“It’s bed time” mum said,

Evie looked cross,

It’s not time for bed yet!

“Time for your bath then?

I’ll make it with bubbles.”

But running the bath,

Was the least of mum’s troubles.

With every suggestion,

Evie wailed more,

Kicking and screaming,

As she rolled on the floor.

Evie kept yawning,

“Your’e tired” mum said,

The girl shook her head,

“It’s not time for bed yet!”

The tears started coming,

The knee joints went weak,

Mum knew,  no doubt,

The outlook was bleak.

She offered a story,

A hot drink, a hug,

But nothing would stop her,

As she rolled on the rug.

Bath time was stressful,

The room was a mess,

It’s hard to stay patient,

When they fight getting dressed.

The meltdown continued,

Oh when will it end?

And then mum remembered,

Her soft bedtime friend.

A pink dress, black eyes,

The toy was so big!

She was finally sleepy,

With her pink Peppa Pig.

Mum sighed with relief,

And cuddled her tight,

Who would have thought,

She’d be this bad at night?

She stared at her face,

All peaceful and still,

“I love you” she said,

“Despite your strong will”

Mum slipped down the stairs

And was delighted to find,

Dad had made dinner,

And a large glass of wine.