So, what happens after you sign a publishing contract? Well, over the last couple of weeks my illustrator Chris and I have been exchanging hundreds of messages discussing marketing strategy, possible merchandise and image tweaks for When Zak Met Jen. It has all been incredibly exciting and I am itching to put some of these ideas into practice and hopefully I won’t have to wait too long for some of them! In the meantime, our social media profiles are really starting to pick up with over 350 likes on our FB page already and people enquiring about pre-ordering which is incredible,  so thank you! If you want to keep up with our progress you can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@Zak_and_Jen).

Otherwise, I have spent my time working and making tweaks to my YA novel, Iridium Apprentice, which I am desperate to get into if only I had a full three weeks to spare.

Tomorrow, I will be attending the VIP launch of Neil Spring’s The Watchers and I can’t wait. I will do a separate post on that this weekend, hopefully with some pictures!

For now,  it’s time to get some well deserved r&r!! Night all!