Life has been pretty hectic lately, Chris and I are in constant contact discussing exciting names for the Zak and Jen book and finalising some additional images, including the front cover! Not only that, I have been working on books two and three and I am pleased to say we already have reasonable drafts of both. It really is great to see a series begin to come together the way you pictured it in your head.

Chris and I have also been working on our marketing plan, in combination with the publisher. We have some absolutely fantastic ideas which we cannot wait to share with everyone and as soon as we get an idea of timelines we may start to release some of our secrets! In the meantime, our current book is in the editorial stage and once that is done we will be onto layout, so Chris and I can finally see proofs of our first picture book.

As well as all that, I will be spending the next few weeks getting ‘crafty’ with the items in the picture below. I wonder what I could possibly be making? Time will tell of course!

In the midst of all this (and having a job and a family) I have been trying to section off time to read and write. At the moment I am reading Red Queen, not sure what I think of it, but it is striking similar to aspects of Twilight, The Hunger Games and Divergent – just a different setting.

Whilst I am obviously over the moon that the first Zak and Jen book is going to be published, I am still acutely aware that I don’t yet have a literary agent, something which is still pretty important if you ever want to carve out a full time career as a writer. Most people don’t get an agent with their first, second or even third books, but the general advice is that you must keep writing.

Once again I have found that the optimum time for my creativity is around 2am / 3am, certainly not something I would recommend to others! However this flash of creative buzz and the inevitable insomnia that follows have resulted in some great children’s stories that I hope to be able to pitch to literary agents in the near future. Including: Ninja Mum, Bonnie Bunny and the Moon Ice Cream and Elsie Bea and The Great Chase.

For now, I will wish all my fellow authors participating in the  #PBPitch and #NoQS Twitter parties the very best of luck. You are all incredible to get even this far!