Things have been insanely busy lately, and not necessarily on the writing front (sadly). It can sometimes be so frustrating when life gets in the way of doing something you enjoy, or you simply don’t feel creative enough. I have had a few days like that in the last couple of weeks.

Despite that, I have managed to focus on a few small things to continue the excitement about my upcoming children’s book. In this case, I have been thinking about marketing and promotion.

Since the book has quite a specific audience I have been looking into local schools and libraries and have even been researching bloggers, podcasters and journalists that might be interested in receiving a copy. I have also been watching a children’s book group I am part of on Facebook with interest. Specifically, I have been looking at what people post, seeing what works well and what can come across as simple spam. It got me thinking, what is it that makes one book more successful than another? Is it just the quality of the writing or the illustrations? Perhaps, although from what I have seen it is much more than that. A book takes on a life of its own when it is released into the world, and in order to send it on it’s way, it is in the author’s best interests to put in the work and make sure people know it is there. One thing I have read again and again from publishers / editors is that publishing houses only have a small finite amount of time to spend on promotion for each author. If you think about how many books these guys need to support and it begins to sink in that in many ways, the success of your book will rise and fall on its marketing and promotional strategy. You can have the best writing style in the world, but if no one knows your book is there, how can you expect it to sell?

I have been blessed to meet lots of extremely talented authors through my recent interactions on Twitter, most of whom have already travelled this path and undoubtedly have some stories to share. So I put this to all the authors out there, what are you top tips for successful book promotion? Is there anything you would definitely do? Is there anything you wish you had done? What would you avoid?

Post your answers in the comments below, it would be great to compile a list of top tips!