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June 2016

Something for the wall?

Just a quick post for now! I am delighted to announce that we now have limited edition signed prints available to buy! The prints are of an exceptional quality and include quotes from our first Zak and Jen book. Each print comes with a signed certificate of authenticity from the printer and can be personalised to an individual.

We will only produce a limited number so get them while you can!!


Here is the link to our Etsy shop:




Officially published….


So one week or so on from our launch day and people have been asking me what I have been up to, and ‘what it’s like being a published author?’

I will start with the first question, to which the short answer is, LOTS of things! Like many authors I still have a day job and I’m a parent so as I am sure you can imagine, life is not exactly relaxing. Since launching the book, Chris and I have received lots of pictures from those who have bought it and it has brought us so much joy to see our book being read by children. Not only that, I have been busy sending out books to specific schools where we have connections and we know the staff are going to run Zak and Jen sessions. We can’t wait to see what the kids have been up to!

As you may know, one of the bloggers from our book tour, Linda Hill ran a competition to win some signed Zak and Jen bookmarks – this has now been drawn, so congratulations to Simeon Low, Lucy Farmer, Katherine Baxter, Debbie Cliff and Selina Dilley! You bookmarks will be winging their way to you shortly.

For those that follow our Zak and Jen Facebook page, you may have seen a short poll we ran to see what other Zak and Jen items our readers might be interested in. The results were overwhelmingly in favour of  limited edition prints and kids clothes so we are investigating both options further – hopefully we should have some exciting news on that front soon! You may have seen some teasers of Zak and Jen dresses – how cool are these?


For those that are teachers, we are putting something very special for you guys – so please put a comment below if you are interested in receiving some of our teaching materials!

So, to answer what it is like to be a published author, the answer is probably ‘surreal’. I still haven’t quite got my head around seeing my name on the front of such a beautiful book. A lot of people have been asking us if there will be more in the series, and those who read Kaisha’s blog post will know that we do have more in the pipeline – so keep your eyes peeled!

All in all, this journey is crazy, mad and cool in so many ways and it isnt over by a long shot!

Until next time… enjoy another picture of our amazing launch cake!

2016-06-01 11.26.30



Launch Day!

So, things have been very busy! Launch day was yesterday and we have been getting some fabulous reviews! Thank you everyone for your phenomenal support!

Of course, we had to celebrate with cake, and what a cake it was! Check this out!

2016-06-01 11.26.30

We have had wonderful reviews from Linda Hill and Christina Philippou both of which are now on Amazon. Tomorrow our blog tour continues with Janet Emson followed by Kaisha Holloway on Saturday!

Keep watching!




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