Ok, I admit that posting in March about kicking off my year with a bang is perhaps a little odd, but in my defence, January is always a ridiculously busy month for me, mainly because it seems that everyone I know is born in January.

Anyway, Christmas was a fabulous, fun filled time and things have been extremely busy behind the scenes for Zak and Jen (some of which will be revealed later this year).  However, I can share two pieces of exciting news. The first is that we are collaborating with the very talented Artist Sarah Woods to create some beautiful shoes designed using some of the artwork / themes from Zak and Jen. Sarah also made me some bespoke shoes  for me to wear to a New Year party and I can say that they were, without question, the most comfortable pair of heels I have ever worn – and they were a real talking point!

Below are pictures not only of my New Year party shoes and bag, a design we called Starlight but also the first pair of shoes in the Zak and Jen Hidden Magic Collection, which we have called ‘Petal’ – I think you will agree that both are absolutely stunning! Keep your eyes open for more information on this collaboration in the coming months.

The second piece of news, and one I am EXTREMELY excited about is the fact that Zak and Jen’s Astronomical Adventures: The Petal Planet, has been selected as finalist in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. This is a great awards because it’s categories are judged by readers, and in our case, they are judged by a selection of children so we are honoured that they enjoyed our story.

Being selected as a finalist means we can now display this logo everywhere our book is featured which is really exciting. Winners will be announced at the beginning of April so please do keep your fingers crossed for us!



Finally, I hope everyone enjoyed World Book Day this week! I was humbled to hear that someone went to school dressed as Jen from Zak and Jen – that is so awesome! Let me know what / who your children dressed up as!