Every now and again, I am inspired to write little stories about the truth of parenthood. My daughter is the most amazing thing I have ever achieved in my life, however she does make me laugh (and cry) with some of the things she does! So far in the series there are three titles, Wriggle Bum Baby, Toddler Explorer and third is without title.

Toddler Explorer

Nia checked her diary,

It was busy today.

Pictures to paint,

And a friend round to play.

But first things are first,

Its time to help mum,

Unfolding clean washing,

Is job number one!

Emptying the washer

Is job number two,

Mum will be pleased,

When she’s done in the loo.

Now onto the bedroom,

What’s needed now?

I’ll decorate the wall,

With the face of a cow.

Mums make up case!

What treasures I find!

Red lips and pink cheeks,

Not much left behind!

Now onto the wardrobe,

I have nothing to lose,

She won’t mind me wearing,

Those Louboutin shoes.

Into the kitchen

I’ll make mummy some tea,

She won’t mind the mess,

If it’s made lovingly.

Phew what a day!

I am such a jet setter,

And in my opinion,

The house looks much better!

Mum walks down the stairs,

Her face marked with a frown,

As she notices her shoes,

Her makeup, her gown.

He eyes roam behind me,

She has noticed the tea,

But she’s not noticed the puddle,

That’s just behind me.

We go up to the bedroom,

And I wait for the noise,

And instead she just laughs,

And hands me some toys.

And later that day

When its my time for bed

She kisses my cheek

And strokes my forehead

“My little explorer,

In time you will see,

Whatever you do,

Is alright with me.”

“Now sweet dreams my angel,

Be whatever you choose,

But do not help yourself,

To my Louboutin shoes.”