“There are those in our midst who seek to wreak terror, cause pain and inflict mass destruction. We will not be swayed by these people; we will not bend to the will of those who are determined to undermine everything we have worked so hard to build. To those who wish to destroy us, my message is this. We will not go easily, we will not go quietly and if you try to bring us down, then you will find yourself facing an opponent that cannot be matched. Democracy, freedom, liberty and order will remain. We will not be beaten.”             

– Chancellor Isobelle Armstrong.

Iridium Apprentice is my first full YA fiction novel, and also the first in a potential series. A mixture of Jason Bourne meets Lara Croft, it follows the story of feisty Alana as she is conscripted into Iridium’s special forces.

Once a soldier, Alana finds herself caught up in planned attack that could destabilize the nation and threaten everything she is sworn to protect. Alana does everything she can, but is it enough? The die has been cast, Alana must now live with the consequences of her decisions, however horrific they may be.